Weedon Vets presents Medical Detection dogs with money raised!

16th May 2016 Uncategorised 0

This week we were delighted to host an evening attended by clients and friends to raise awareness of the Medical Detection Dogs charity.

Claire, a representative from the charity, talked to us about their amazing work training both Cancer Detection and Medical Alert dogs and she even brought along Shirley, her daughter Rebecca’s assistance dog, to say hello!

Rebecca became an insulin dependant diabetic after a viral illness when she was 4 years old. She was constantly in and out of hospital because there was no warning when her blood sugar was at the incorrect level. Shirley, a Labrador Retriever, came into the 6 year old Rebecca’s life and transformed it. She detects when Rebecca’s blood sugar falls too low or rises too high and alerts her by licking her hand. Claire told us that in the past 6 years Shirley has saved Rebecca’s life 4 or 5 times- a day!


After tea and cakes the Weedon team presented a cheque to the charity for over £400 raised from numerous events held throughout 2015.

We would like to thank Claire and Shirley again for coming out to talk to us and we have decided to continue raising money for Medical Detection Dogs throughout 2016- keep an eye out for more events!