Towcester Farm Team save Casper the Friendly Goat!

31st October 2017 Uncategorised 0

cas finalThis year’s bravery award must go to Casper the pygmy goat!
Poor Casper and his friends were attacked by a dog on the family farm in May this year. Whereas everyone else came away with only a few scrapes, Casper received a series of bite wounds to his tummy, between his back legs.

When Casper was brought to the surgery, the only thing we could see were a few small puncture marks – these were thoroughly cleaned and stitched and Caspar was sent on his way with a course of antibiotics.

Unfortunately for Caspar, dogs’ mouths contain some pretty horrible bugs and without us knowing, an infection starting brewing under the surface. This infection built up over the next few weeks and eventually broke out in several places causing the horrible looking wounds in the photos.

When we foundcas 3day out how extensive Caspar’s wounds were, things didn’t look good. But Caspar didn’t look ready to give in so neither would we or his owner! The farm animal team discussed how severe his wounds were and asked the small animal team’s advice about how best to go forward. Surgery was out of the question due to all the infected tissue so we agreed to manage it as an open wound. All the dead tissue was removed, his wounds were thoroughly cleaned and he went onto a regime of daily bottom flushing!
We knew things might get worse before they got better as more tissue died off but gradually with some amazing dedication from his owner to bathe and clean the area daily and regular visits to remove more dead, very smelly (after the first time we made sure we got a room with a window!) tissue within a week we began to see some nice, healthy granulation tissue. Over the weeks the

cas 2 weeks

smell disappeared (thank goodness!) there was dramatic improvement of the wounds and we were having to do less and less when he came in to see us. Casper was a superstar – impressing all of his with his willingness to have his bottom examined and treated by so many people on such a regular basis!
We knew we were winning when new skin appeared and the holes started to shrink. We also knew things were going in the right direction as Casper began to feel more like a goat and tried more and more escape attempts to get away from his owner trying to flush the wounds at home!

cas 4.5 weekscas 6 weeks

cas 11 week1cas 11 week2
We’re so delighted to say that Caspar has now fully recovered after eleven long weeks! He’s no longer on antibiotics and his owner can now stopping flushing his bottom (Caspar is delighted about all of this too!). We’ve been amazed at his success and look forward to seeing him for routine appointment only in the future! However, unsurprisingly, Caspar is now very suspicious of all vets…..even photo taking now has to be done with a healthy 5m gap between us!

If you have any questions relating to this article please contact the Towcester Farm Vet team on 01327 350239